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About denelia storm

Who is Denelia Storm?

To say in short, I'm just another person on the internet. I blog part-time because I'm a student and I have to dedicate the rest of my time to school. I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my dwarf bunny Snow and work on my blog in whatever free time I have. Like I said, I'm just your average person, minus the blog. My favourite past times include reading, writing, listening to music and you guessed it watching Netflix.

What Is Denelia Storm?

Denelia Storm is a lifestyle blog focused on giving advice to teens and young adults in the forms of list, how-tos and more. I post content in the topics of beauty, health, study, blogging, social media and entertainment. 

I hope you like what you see because Denelia is here to take the world by storm.
See what I did there?

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