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Top 10 Social Media Tips And Tricks For Growth

Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks For Growth

Social media is not only a place to escape but a place to express yourself and make new connections. There are several techniques people use to grow and gain new followers.

Here are 10 ways to consistently grow your social media.

Be Consistent

The most important thing for growing your social media is to be consistent! Each month you should sit down and write your goals for social media. If you want to gain a certain amount of followers you will need to make sure you are always producing content for your followers. Look at the people you follow that have the most followers and see how often they are posting. Everyone is different so you may see different results. It is recommended that you post once a day on Instagram and Facebook and you should tweet between 5- 30 times a day on Twitter.

Know what is trending

When you are consistently posting content you need to be aware of what is trending around the world. The best way to do this is on each social media app to look at the trending hashtags or pictures. You will see a lot of political things trending on Twitter; it is best to avoid politics if you want to keep followers. If you do feel strongly about something make sure that you are aware that not everyone will share your opinion. On Instagram, you will be able to see what type of content is the most popular. At the moment, influencers are posting their photos with them standing in a field of flowers. These trends will change constantly so make sure you are keeping up with them.

Use Hashtags

When you are planning out content you will want to utilize hashtags to the best of your abilities. Hashtags are still very popular on Twitter, but they are even more popular on Instagram. You can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post. The more you use the better chance you have of people seeing it that do not follow you. Another great way to use hashtags is by searching for a specific hashtag that is similar to your niche or style of content. For example: if you are a fashion influencer or blogger you will want to follow hashtags like fashion, trends, shoes, etc. You should take about 30 minutes a day and go through all of the hashtags that you follow and like and comment on people’s posts. These people will see your comments and want to interact with you. This could be by commenting back, following you or liking some of your photos. It is always important to engage.

Engage, Engage, Engage

I cannot stress this enough; you need to engage with everyone! You should comment, like, and retweet everything. I always set time aside in the morning to engage and sometime right before bed to engage. If you are involved with your followers then they will be involved with you. All of these apps have algorithms that control how your content will be seen. The more you engage with others and the more that they engage on your post the higher you will rank. The higher you rank the number of people that see your post will be higher.

Post stories

On Facebook and Instagram, it is important to utilize all of the tools that you can. The stories feature has become increasingly popular. You can post photos, videos, polls and questions. These things give all of your followers the chance to engage with you. Look at other people’s stories for inspiration. I like to post 1-2 quotes on my stories, maybe a video of what I am up to, some polls, and I will share other people's posts on my story. 

Go Live

Like I said above it is important to utilize all of the tools given to you. If you are comfortable enough to go live… do it! Going live on social media will attract your followers to watch and interact with you at the moment. If you plan on going life you can send out a tweet or a Facebook and Instagram post about the story ahead of time. This gives your followers the chance to book a time to watch what you have to say. You always want to be providing value to your followers. If it doesn't help them in some way they will be less interested.

Utilize messaging

All of your apps have some sort of messaging feature. You need to utilize messaging in any way. You can use messaging to connect and network with other people. A good way to use messaging is by setting up an automatic message to your new followers. Say hi, introduce yourself and attach links to other social apps and sites and/or your business or blog. You want your followers to know why you are there and what you can offer to them. I often message people that I want to collaborate with or I would like advice from.


If you like making videos then you need to be using IGTV. This is another tool Instagram offers you to reach more people. I see people on IGTV link their youtube videos to it. You should use IGTV if you are comfortable. You can post videos on workouts, fashion tips, arts and crafting and much more. You can also see which IGTV videos are trending and performing best and use this for inspiration. It is important that you never completely copy people’s work, videos, and posts.

Use Facebook groups

You can search for groups on Facebook about anything. I suggest looking up groups on your niche. There are a ton of support groups out there for new influencers, bloggers and content creators. Groups are a great place to promote yourself, but you should always follow the rules that the group sets. You can also find groups on social media engagement and followers but these tend to be a lot of work and upkeep. 

Use scheduling apps

As mentioned above, the use of scheduling apps will make your life ten times easier. You will be able to post things and have an engaging audience even when you are sleeping. Apps can help your growth by reaching people around the world that typically would not see your content. There are many scheduling apps but my favourites are Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest and Tweetdeck for Twitter. I have not found a scheduling app for Facebook so I connect my Instagram to my Facebook and all my Instagram posts and stories go to my Facebook.

In Conclusion,

If you use each one of these tips and tricks constantly you will be able to grow your social media faster. Try these out and come back to let me know how they worked for you!

You can also find more content on my blog here. Feel free to visit and let me know what you think.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this post!

About The Author

This article was written by Alyssa from Famously Frayling blog. She writes about travel and lifestyle experiences and advice. She is from the US but lives in the U.K. with her husband. She aspires to be a full-time blogger and traveller. 

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