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The Importance of Personal Development For Your Online Business

I had the pleasure of working for a pool supply company for almost 2 years. As part of my job, I tested customers pool water. Based on their test results I would then advise them on what they needed to do in order to make sure their pool water was in balance.

Your business growth and personal development are connected. Your mindset affects both. Come on a short journey with me as I deep dive into 4 obstacles that stunt our mindset which in turn prevents personal development and growth of our business. I will also show you how personal development can assist you in getting past all 4 of these obstacles.

Past, Present, Future

History has a way of repeating itself when lessons are not learned. However, it has been my experience that if we reflect too much on our past, and not be in the present our future cannot be planned or attained in the way we most desire it to be. To overcome this first obstacle we must first understand our past. We need to recognize it as our past as just a past. That is it. Second, we need to be present. I repeat BE PRESENT. Being present allows our minds to be able to plan our future. You cannot continue to be immersed in your past and expect your present to always be there.

Regret can fuel you. Regret can drown you. Learn how to remember your past but still remain with your eyes forward.

Friends and Enemies

We all have friends. We all have enemies. I would bet some of those friends have turned to enemies and even enemies turned to friends. What matters most is not our friend's reactions or even our enemy's reactions. The key to overcoming this obstacle is our own personal reaction to our friends and enemies. Friends will come. Enemies will come. Our reactions leave a lasting impression. These impressions are the ones that get imprinted in the minds of those you interact with daily.

Do not focus on what your friends and enemies are doing. Create a singular focus on yourself. This may seem selfish but before you can remove this obstacle you need to first be able to master yourself. 

Mindset Trash

There is a great quote I came across years ago that resonates with every fibre of my being. "Seek out that particular attitude which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which the inner voice that says this is the real me, and when you have found that attitude follows it."

Our actions reflect directly on what we believe about ourselves. When we get too much in our own head it stops us from rising to our potential. When we are not rising to our potential we can be impacted physically, mentally, emotionally and eventually financially.

Your journey is going to be filled with various challenges. You will see different ways to handle these obstacles but most importantly the biggest challenge you are going to face is that the enemy within that will tell you to give up. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS VOICE! Dig deep down and remember that you are in charge. You have complete control. You are the captain of your ship! 

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is becoming more prevalent. What is impostor syndrome? Impostor syndrome can be defined in a few different ways but I define it as the feeling of not belonging in your industry or in this case being a fake in your business.

Remember the pool supply company I worked for? I was trained on how to test the water and take care of a pool. The fact still remains I never have physically taken care of a pool. I had to trust that the information was correct. Thankfully it was.

My point is that if you have the knowledge then you are not an impostor. Speak with confidence in your subject matter and if you feel like you are not an expert on it then keep learning until you are. Have the courage to say I don't know and then figure it out and relay the information back. This point was driven home to me as I became more confident in advising my customers on how to take care of their pool and the trust as they would come back specifically to talk to me because they knew I would take care of them. As my confidence grew in what I was telling them and their confidence grew in me that feeling of impostor syndrome went away.

When you look at these 4 obstacles as a whole it can be daunting. I would like you to look at them through the lens now of your own personal development. I will explain how focusing on your personal development can assist you in getting past these obstacles. Each of these obstacles deals with a core trait of either who you are or who you can be.

Confidence. Control. Discipline. Authenticity


It all begins with confidence. Confidence encompasses each of these 4 obstacles. Confidence shines a light through all 4. Grow your confidence, the obstacles become smaller. This is especially true when the mindset trash hits. Confidence creates a steel wall around your mind. Nothing will be let in to destroy that confidence. Build your confidence.


I live in a heavy traffic area where twice a day is called rush hour traffic. Cars lined up for miles and every so often you get a nice long stretch where you can get to the regulated speed limit. People get angry during these times of the day and get in a hurry. It would seem to me that some are out of control. Have you ever had anybody just flip a switch and yell at you? I would imagine that it left a bad taste in your mouth and more so left a lasting impression. That is something that is hard to forget. I have been on both sides so I know what I am talking about. Control your emotions. Do not let them control you. Your friends and enemies can flip a switch at any time but you need to be the one who does not. Your impressions and reputation are on the line. Be careful and be in control.


The most successful people are the ones that are the most disciplined. They are persistent. Getting through any of these obstacles requires self-discipline. Self-disciplined individuals stick to it until they get the job done and they never stop with their personal development. It's a key ingredient to them being self-disciplined. If you don't already start now and become self-disciplined. I recommend a great book called High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. 


When all is said and done authenticity along with transparency crushes the impostor syndrome. Be yourself. Be real. People sense others being fake.

Take your personal development into a new space. Change your mindset. Change your life.

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Glen Parmenter is a Financial Consultant educating individuals on how to protect their hard-earned money and puts them on a path to a tax-free retirement. He has a passion for building relationships that go past the transaction. He has been working with Clients since 2006 both over the telephone, email, and in-person while working in various industries and capacities. He loves learning and sharing his knowledge of the ever-growing resources that are available to entrepreneurs to help them find, create, and retain loyal clients.

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