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How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

Remember your algebra in high school? The X + Y = Z? And how they always used to tell us to find X?

In applying algebra to our daily lives, it enables us to make better decisions.

X in this case is passion. What are you passionate about? When you find your passion then you can stay motivated.

Y is your reason for starting? Why did you set out on this journey?

Z is your success or reward. When you know your passion, reason, then your goals are within reach.

As bloggers, we start off all energetic, full of ideas and readiness. But suddenly after 6 posts, installing our WordPress and plugins, you are tired, you take a break and many times never return.

Well, today it’s your lucky day, I’m a blogger who started but got frustrated and has had over four years hiatus and is back and better. So, you are reading the right post.

Let me remind you that no one is ever going to motivate you like you. You are your biggest motivator.

I can give you motivation tips but this post is to teach you how to rely more on your internal motivation than external motivation which most the time is recognition and money but not only limited to that.

How To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

In my intro I talked about passion; I talked about reason and I told you about the reward.

If X is your passion then X^2 is the mission and if Y is your reason then Y^2 is your vision. And your Z is the reason then Z^2 is your goals and objectives.

Now I’m telling you about the mission. The mission is what you intend to achieve. Well, every blogger is supposed to have a mission,

You know how the organization has a mission statement? Well, you should have one too! Why? It gives you a sense of direction.

Let’s say you are passionate about lifestyle with a niche in health, your mission could be teaching people how to enjoy a healthy youth.

Another angel is vision. Why do you need to have a vision, because it gives you an idea of your achievable?

If your mission is helping people enjoy their youth, then your vision would be a world with healthy youths. It’s an idea so I’m just giving illustrations.

Hey, if you’ve read to this point it means you are ready to motivate yourself. The list below is some of the motivation tips that I use in pulling my weight in the blogging field.

5 Motivation Tips for Bloggers

Before I go to the list, remember it’s important to have objectives. Both conscious and unconscious objectives.

Conscious objectives include the drive you have in achieving your goal. Unconscious means the emotional habit that propels you forward.

1. Build skills and capabilities to achieve your blogging objectives.

  • Be open to critique, no matter what.
  • Respond to comments: your readers love it when you respond.
  • Shamelessly advertise yourself and promote yourself. It pays to be humble.
  • Get a blogging buddy: you need someone to rub minds with! The iron they say sharpeneth iron and it helps accountability!
  • Join blogging group or even create one and get people to sign up to.
  • Attend a course whether free or paid. It pays to learn

2. Build a writing habit.

  • Show up on your blog, writer or whatever every day. You never know when you could get inspiration.
  • Create rituals. Mine is to come into my blogging space with prayers, having my coloured pen and my jotter!
  • Try writing in public. With the voices and all the distractions all around you. You just might get inspiration and ideas.
  • Not every time words. Sometimes use pictures and infographics to pass your message. Humans have the ability to remember more of what they see than what they read or hear.
  • Take a blogging break. Say to yourself let me take a walk, listen to music and come back to blogging.
  • Cash into your emotions, upset write, crying write, feeling down write.

3. Plan for success. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • Get an editorial calendar.
  • Create and keep updating your list of blog topics. Even if it's not in your niche.
  • Set goals daily, weekly, month, quarterly and yearly goals

4. Gather inspiration

  • Inspirations are everywhere Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, music….. Be social!
  • Survey your readers…..there’s an inspiration in the comment section.
  • Jump into controversy! You can jump all in or you can just dip your toes. Go into the lion’s den and be a Daniel *wink*
  • Ask questions! Interview industry leaders, follow their accounts on social media, quote them and contribute.
  • Listen to your blog heartbeat! What are people reacting most to and build around it?

5. You first!

  • Take care of yourself: you can only be productive when you are healthy! “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” - Warren Buffett
  • Stop the comparison! Run your race…. Stop looking at the next person in the next lane…comparison makes blogging a chore and not a job.
  • Work smart and not and not hard! Get you some apps that can be making your life smoother, while you chill.
  • Celebrate small wins. It shows that your efforts are paying off!

“Remember its quality over quantity! Consistency over volume”.

Strategies for Cultivating Positive Attitude and Staying Motivated as a Blogger

· Know your SWOT analysis. In so doing you know your strengths (topics you are good in), your weakness (what to avoid and what to ask help on), your opportunity (where to cash in) and finally your threats (other blogs in your niche)

· Be SMART! Specific about what your blog is about, setup Measurable that you can check your blog by, Achievable/actionable in the sense that you can work on it now and you can probably start seeing results on your blog. Stay within what is Relevant to your blog, don’t stray too far away? Timebound? Put yourself in a competitive environment and work within the frame.

· Have a setback plan! There are many alphabets from A-Z when planning if A fails you fall into B-Z!

Reward yourself, dear bloggers. For reaching milestones, for keeping to your time table. Reward yourself

I leave you with this “Be humble! Humility pays!”

Use your emotions! If you are angry write, happy write, just write in a journal on your phone and any other place.

About The Author

This post was written by Hrh D'duchess Onyx from Ijenlencha.com. She is a lifestyle blogger and writes about fashion, style and home decor. Here are some links if you want to stay connected.