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Personal Development And Why It's Important For Self Growth

Understanding Personal Development And It's Impact On Your Life

Personal development is something we all see and hear in various aspects of our lives but don’t really take the time to understand what this means. Development of any nature is about the process of growing, developing, essentially progressing to a better state. When we add “personal” to development, we are talking about a lifelong process of an individual growing, developing, and advancing in factors such as skills, qualities, communication, and perspective. There are so many other elements that are encompassed in personal development as well; things from physical health to mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being are included in personal development. The things mentioned here are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive, meaning that any of these factors, whether it is one or more, can occur at the same time.

There’s a common pattern here. The common denominator is change! It is about embracing change, learning to adapt and mold yourself to situations and environments you encounter throughout your life. That is how we grow and better ourselves as individuals. This is how we broaden our horizons and perspectives on the world we live in.

But change and personal development start from within. Of course, having a great support group will add to your growth as a human being, but it ultimately has to come from you. Not only is this a subjective view of mine, but from personal experience of working with people in the social work/behavioural health field, change has to come from YOU. If you don’t want to change or grow, or if you’re not ready for it, then it will not happen no matter how many people on the outside are supportive and encourage you during this process. 

However, it is a lot easier said than done. Everyone is different, we all come from different environments, and some of us have gone through some things that may have been traumatic or damaging to our sense of self. Because of this many people may be hesitant, or even adverse, to change that occurs in their lives. Or, some people don’t want to change or don’t see the need for change and personal development.

It’s all about baby steps. Personal development starts with taking a step back, analyzing yourself and what aspects you want to try to grow and change as a person. When you have done some self-reflection, then you can move onto creating a plan of action to achieve what aspects you want to work on. No matter how big or small your goals are, no matter what your plan is, you have to learn to take baby steps and appreciate the small victories and progress you make.

When you think about a baby first learning how to crawl, or even walk, it takes them a lot of time, effort, and patience to learn these new skills. It could take some babies months, or even years to learn how to crawl or walk, and others can learn it more quickly. No matter the case, it’s about not comparing yourself to others and learning to take small initiatives. When the baby is able to crawl or walk, no matter the duration, the parent(s) give verbal praise or positive reinforcement! They know the baby is learning, they expect failures, but whenever the baby is able to succeed, they praise and encourage the baby.

If you have fallbacks, relapses, or periods where you’re having difficulties, remember that it is alright! This is part of the learning process and is expected. By beating yourself up about it, it will only hinder your personal development and perspective on your progress. Just like when a baby is learning to crawl or walk, you have to be patient, never give up, and trust the process. Even if for one week, or even for one day or an instance, you’re able to see change or growth that is something to be happy and praise yourself over.

Remember that this is something that doesn’t end once you’ve worked in one area in your life. This is something that will continue to be molded and changed over time. Just because a baby learned how to crawl doesn’t mean it stops learning and growing. The baby learns how to crawl faster, how to stand without wobbling, how to walk, how to run, and how to perform other physical activities in their life. The baby is constantly learning new skills, new qualities about themselves and the world around them, and the same is true for your personal development. The same thing is true when you’re older. You will never stop learning and changing, whether you think you’re done with personal development or not, this is a never-ending process.

I, myself, am not exempt from personal development. No one is. We are all constantly learning, changing our views, adding more skills to our arsenal, and progressing in so many areas of our lives. It has taken me YEARS to work on things in my life such as education, confidence, body language, articulation and a plethora of other things. While I have noticed my growth, and I am truly proud of how far I’ve come in my journey, I know I still have a long ways to go because I will never be “done” learning how to communicate with others, be confident in myself, educating myself and others, and so much more. I will continue to learn, grow, and develop as I get older because there is still so much, I need to learn, understand, and work on.

I hope that you see the benefits of personal development, and I hope that you will use this post as a steppingstone. If you do not see or want to work on personal development, then that is your personal choice and I cannot tell you otherwise.

If you think or know you want to work on your personal development, I want to tell you that you will succeed, learn, and grow! In due time, through trial and error, you will gain a better understanding of what personal development means to you and how you plan to go about achieving that!

About The Author

This post was written by Jojo from  jojoscupofmocha.com. She is a travel blogger and loves to share tips and tricks to help you on your next adventure. Feel free to read her blog by clicking here.