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24 Lifestyle Changes For Busy Entrepreneurs

24 Lifestyle Changes For Entrepreneurs To Be Successful

Running a business can be a very demanding job which is why so many entrepreneurs lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The amount of work and time that goes into keeping your business in operation causes you to form bad habits. At the moment, what you do on a day-to-day basis might not sound as bad as I'm making it out to be. However, this unhealthy lifestyle, that so many entrepreneurs are living, is not sustainable and will build up over time. That's why I'm here to share a few changes you can make in your everyday life to get back on track and remain healthy while running your business.  

Here are 30 lifestyle changes you can make to improve your life for the better:

Lifestyle Changes Related To Physical Health

1. Set a sleep schedule

Quit the late nights. You're less productive when you're tired and the work you produce isn't as great. Start getting up and going to bed at a reasonable time.

2. Start working out

With an online business, you might feel as though you have to be glued to your computer to succeed. But that lifestyle isn't healthy nor sustainable. Get up and go exercise. It could be as small as going for a walk in the morning or following a 10-minute workout video. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as your getting your heart rate up.

3. Quit a bad habit

A bad habit has nothing to do in the life of an entrepreneur. The time you take to feed into your bad habits could be used to further grow your business. Stop that bad habit in its track and spend your time elsewhere. 

4. Enjoy nature

One of the main causes of burnout is overworking. Working all day isn't good for your business or you. Go take a walk outside and enjoy the world around you. Give yourself the chance to find some inspiration, clear your head and relax.

Lifestyle Changes Related To Mental Health 

5. Start using journal

As an entrepreneur, you live with a bunch of business ideas floating around in your head. A journal can help you get them out and onto paper. Starting a journal, whether it be for yourself or your business, grows you as a person. You get the chance to visualize everything in your head and bring it into actuality. 

6. Find a comfort item, place or person

Find something that always puts a smile on your face. It could be an object that calms you down, a person you can vent to or a place that as a special meaning. As long as it can help you. Having a comfort item means there's something you can do or somewhere you can go to help you when things get hard. 

7. Set time aside for yourself

Repeat it with me. I cannot work all day. You need to allow yourself to reset and get into the right mindset to work. It's impossible to work all day all the time. Find time to continue doing the things you love while running your business. 

8. Get off social media

Social media can be so negative on our mental health and sometimes we just need to shut off our phones. I know that may be hard since you need to constantly be promoting your business. But if you learn how to automate everything you'll be able to take that necessary break for yourself.

9. Treat yourself

Learn to appreciate your little goals. Even if you only made one sale when your goal was three there was still progressing. Don't be too hard on yourself and start appreciating your small accomplishments.

10. Self-care days

Start investing as much time into yourself as you do for your business. A self-care day can help you wind down, de-stress and become more focused. You don't even have to go all out and spend money at the spa. Your self-care day can be as simple as taking a bath or spending the day doing a hobby. 

Lifestyle Changes Related To Technology 

11. Limit screen time

Not only is being in front of a screen bad for your eyes, but it's also bad for your sleep schedule. I know most of the things we do nowadays are online but find ways you can grow your business offline. If your business sells physical products, try spending more time creating or writing out business plans manually. This not only gives you more control but allows you to look away from the computer for a while.

12. Stop sleeping near your phone

How are you supposed to sleep if your phone lights up every time you get a notification? To get a better night's sleep, put your phone somewhere across the room. This will make you less tempted to get up in the middle of the night to check your phone and will also make your alarm system more effective. 

Lifestyle Changes Related To Nutrition

13. Drink more water

Have you ever heard the quote, "you will only feel as good as what you put in your body"? Water is good for many things. Water can clean out your body, reduce headaches and clear up your skin. Try drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and take note of how much better you feel. 

14. Start a light diet

What do I mean by a light diet? Think of something you know is bad for you but you keep eating anyway. It could be a can of pop you just can't stop drinking or a type a candy that always catches your eye, nothing too extreme. Try to slowly cut down your intake of that certain food to start your light diet.  For example, if you have junk food 4 times a week try to cut it down to two. These little accomplishments build up and soon that bad food will be out of your diet for good. 

15. Stop eating out

When you're working hard and rushing to get something done, you may find it easier to pick up your phone and order in. But constantly buying food isn't good for you financially or physically. Make it a habit to step away from your computer once in a while and prepare a healthy meal.

Lifestyle Changes Related To Finance

16. Start saving more money

Question every purchase you make to ensure that you are buying something that will not only last for a long time but that it's something you actually need. Start using a financial planner to keep track of your purchases and cut out unnecessary spending. It doesn't hurt to save an extra few dollars for a rainy day.

17. Think before you buy

Whether it's a business or personal purchase, it's all money coming from your bank account.  Do thorough research before making pricey purchases to ensure you're buying the best product possible. Don't be impulsive with your money because there are a lot of scams and bad people on the internet trying to rob you. 

Lifestyle Changes Related To Family & Friends

18. Make more time for the people you love

Like I've said before, you can't work on your business 24/7.  You need to still maintain your actual life. So close your laptop and go spend time with your family and friends. Don't lose yourself and the relationships you have because you chasing business success. Make time for the people supporting you along the way.

19. Cut out toxic people

Toxic people only know how to do one thing: bring you down and you don't need that in your life. Bad company is extra luggage weighing you down. Stop associating with people that constantly make you feel bad about yourself. They bring no value to your life whatsoever and create a negative environment that you don't need to be apart of.

20. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals 

It is hard to stay passionate about something when no else has the same interest as you. It's your job to find people that like the same things as you and want the same things you want. Not only will you always have someone to lean on but you'll have someone that can continuously cheer you on. Surrounding yourself will people who have the same dreams as you is the formula for success.

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Lifestyle Changes Related To Personal Development

21. Start using a planner

As an entrepreneur, you might find it difficult to stay productive 100% of the time, especially if your business constantly requires you to make new content. Using a planner will help you be more productive because it allows you to schedule your time and visual your day beforehand. 

If you're looking to invest in a high-quality planner I suggest checking out my Productivity kit. This kit not only comes with 3 planners (daily, weekly and monthly) but 2 goal settings sheets, a habit tracker, notes sheet and to-do list. It's everything you need and more to successfully create a solid work-life balance. Learn more about the kit here.

22. Stop doubting yourself

You're never going to get anything done if you keep asking, "what if?".  Realize that whatever you're doing is never going to be perfect and that's okay because we're all learning together. Constant self-doubt creates a self-destructive lifestyle and that's not what you need as an entrepreneur. Stop second-guessing your decisions and just go for it. 

23. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the enemy of success. You need to learn how to manage your time and organize yourself in order to get enough done for your business. In my FREE 7-day email course: A Week To Productivity I teach you how to defeat procrastination and create a workspace where you can get more work done. Sign-up using the form below!

24. Stop looking at the numbers

This is something I'm guilty of and trying to improve. Just remember that your analytics day in and day out doesn't represent anything. Every day of your business is going to look different and that's going to be represented in the statistics. It's better to wait a week or a month to fully inspect your analytics and see as a whole what can be done to further grow your business.

How Can These Lifestyle Changes Help You?

Think of your habits as a cycle. There is a list of things you do on a daily basis, some benefit you and some don't. No matter what, you'll continue to perform these habits day after day because you're unable to break your cycle. This cycle is the reason why it's hard for us to recognize the bad habits we've formed because it all seems like routine. We fall into habits and trap ourselves.

Change is the only thing that can break those cycles. Whether it be working out or writing in a journal, switching up your current lifestyle is the only way to identify and stop your bad habits.

I promise you that doing at least one thing from this list can change your life for the better.

What lifestyle change are you going to try? Let me know in the comments!