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How To Optimize Your Pinterest Account For Business Success

How To Optimize Your Pinterest Account For Business Success

You've probably heard a million times over that Pinterest is the best way to get traffic for your online business. However, you can't just start posing willy nilly and expect to see results. There are things that you need to do to have a Pinterest account that ranks high and brings traffic to your online business. 

Pick The Perfect Name

After reading your profile name, the user should have a clear idea of everything your business has to offer.

Your Pinterest name should include three things:
  • Your brand name
  • What you do
  • Keywords
Obviously, this is a soft guideline and can change depending on your business, so make sure to do what makes sense. For example, If your brand name is Anna Makes Cakes, you can skip what you do part. Try your best to make this guideline accommodate your online business.

Write The Perfect Bio

Who are you and what do you have to offer? These questions should be answered after I read your Pinterest bio.

You’ll see that keyword research is a common theme with Pinterest. The more you use keywords the better. 
The main keyword for your business (which is most likely what you provide) should be somewhere within the first 5 words of your bio. 

Don’t confuse Pinterest, make it easy to be found. You may be a blogger and do other things on the side, but don't put all of that there. If it isn’t in your display name, don’t put it in your bio, especially at the beginning.

A simple formula for your bio is to state what your business does and who your target audience is. 

After clicking on your account, your bio is the first thing potential readers, clients or customers are going to read. Make sure it represents your business well, almost like a snippet of what’s to come when they press the link. You can also try adding a call-to-action in your bio to prompt viewers to click.

Profile Image

For your profile image, you have the option of putting a picture or a logo. My suggestion is if you are using a picture use a selfie of yourself or of one of your products. Don’t do something off-brand. If you are providing a service it’s better to use a picture of yourself so clients can trust you. However, if you have a nice logo that can work as well, whatever you feel is better for you!


On Pinterest, you have the option to upload an image or choose one of your boards as your header. Most bloggers chose to feature one of their boards on the header. This doesn’t do anything for your ranking but can help attract people to your account. Decide which option will look cohesive with your brand and make your account stand out. 

Featured Boards

Pinterest allows you to add up to 5 boards to display at the top of your account. Take advantage of this to push content most related to your niche. You should have boards named exactly after the keywords in your bio and display name. These should be your featured boards.

For example, my Pinterest user name is Denelia Storm | Social Media + Self Improvement Tips. This relates directly to my featured boards which are my best of the board, social media marketing and self-improvement.

Now go optimize your account

Last time I optimized my account I saw a 10k boost in my monthly impressions. Pinterest was putting my content in front of more people because it was clearer what my account was about. The same can happen to you if you are willing to put in the work.

Use the comment sections and ask me your biggest question about Pinterest?