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How To Grow Your Pinterest Following Like Crazy

7 Ways To Explode Your Pinterest Following Today

What Do Your Followers On Pinterest Mean?

Followers on Pinterest are slightly different from followers on other social media platforms. On other social media platforms, you expect your followers to like and comment on your posts. But with Pinterest, the goal is to have your followers re-pin and click on your content. Therefore when you publish a new pin, it pops up in your follower's feed. Your followers are one of the first people to see your pins.

psst...I need to let you know that some of the links below are affiliate links. It's not anything bad, this just means that if you make a purchase through one of the links below I might earn a small commission. (at no extra cost to you of course!) If you want to learn more about affiliate links click here to read my disclosure policy.

So How Do You Get More Followers On Pinterest?

Promote Your Pinterest Account On Another Medium

The easiest way to let people know about your Pinterest account is to promote it somewhere you already have an audience. This can be another social media platform, your email list, youtube channel etc. If they are already following you somewhere else, chances are they will also want to follow you on Pinterest. All you have to do is add the link to your Pinterest account in a tweet and ask your audience to follow you if they want to see more content.

I promote my Pinterest account on my blog, Twitter and email list, but you should pick what's more applicable to you. Cross promoting also helps you build a more engaged community on Pinterest because these followers are people that already enjoy your content.

Follow Other People First

Another way to get more followers on Pinterest is to simply follow other people. Unlike other platforms, the follow-unfollow game isn't that prevalent on Pinterest. This means if you follow someone, there's a higher chance they will follow you back compared to other social media platforms.

I suggest starting with people in your industry. If you're a graphic designer, search in 'graphic design' to find people to follow. Doing this allows you to get useful content in your following feed and you may even make a friend. 

Re-pin Other Content

When you save someone's pin, they get a notification saying who saved their pin and what board it was saved to. This is an opportunity for you to be seen and noticed. By actively re-pining you are engaging with other people's content and bringing more attention to yourself. This may result in a follow if you're consistent enough.

Optimize Your Pinterest Account

This way may take a bit longer than the others, but it works. Optimize your Pinterest account to be found in organic search results. What do I mean by this? If someone searches in what your online business provides, you want to be as high as possible in the search results. This is a great way to gain exposure and get more followers. This does take some time, but once you are at the top, the followers keep coming.

Create A group board

Another way to get more followers is by creating your own group board. A Pinterest group board is a place for a bunch of users to collectively share their content. One of the requirements to join a group board is to follow the owner. This can boost your Pinterest account and your following in a matter of days. Just make sure to only accept active Pinterest users and control how content is shared on your board.

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are like group boards but with better features to help grow your account. With Tailwind Tribes you're able to share your pins with a large group to increase your visibility and get more re-pins. A good quality pin in your tribe can get someone to follow your content for more. There is also a chat feature in Tailwind Tribes where you can connect with other creators and share links.

Tailwind Tribes is the perfect place to not only make friends but also gain followers. 

 Click here to sign up for Tailwind today and start your 30-day FREE trial!

Post More Content

Every time someone passes your pin is an opportunity for a follow. The more content you post consistently on Pinterest, the more chance you have to gain followers. If someone sees your pin they might click on the account and follow for more so being active on Pinterest plays a big part.

If you're having trouble posting consistently on Pinterest, consider buying Pinterest templates to make things easier. With Pinterest templates, you can make over 100 pins in less than an hour because everything is already laid out for you. All you have to do is type in your title, add an image then publish it to Pinterest. Stop spending hours making pins that don't get any click, buy 8 fully customizable Pinterest templates for only $10 today!

Do Pinterest Followers Really Matter?

There has been a big debate over this and a lot of bloggers have said that Pinterest followers don't actually matter. I say if you're trying to grow your account you should try to grow everything about your account including your following.  More followers mean more people seeing your pins and that's a good thing, right? Followers on Pinterest are important just like any on other social media platform because it builds your community. Your followers are hopefully people that are engaged and interested in your content. If you grow that community you grow your potential reach.

What tip are you going to use to grow your Pinterest account? Let me know in the comments!

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