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How To Create A Pinterest Business Account

by - June 18, 2020

How To Switch To A Pinterest Business Account In 3 Steps 

How are you going to use Pinterest for your business without showing Pinterest that you are a business?

Why do you need a business account?

Let's keep this simple, if you want to be treated as a business you need to let Pinterest know that you are one. Therefore by separating yourself from the regular Pinterest account you’re letting Pinterest and everyone else know that you

In addition to being recognized, Pinterest business accounts have access to features that no one else has.

Some of these features include:
  • Access to Pinterest analytics
  • Access to Pinterest ads
  • being able to add a website to your account
  • Having a profile header
The main reasons, however, are the analytics. All businesses care about the numbers to know how well they’re doing and what can be approved upon. Pinterest analytics give you the opportunity to see the analytics surrounding your pins and can give you a breakdown of your top pins, engagements, impressions, link click and more. 

How To Change Your Pinterest Account To A Business Account

The first thing you actually have to do is create a Pinterest account. You can sign-up for Pinterest here. If you already have an account then you can continue on.


Go to your profile page and click “edit profile” the pen icon.



Go to the heading “Account setting”.


Scroll all the way down and click “convert account”.

If it takes you this page [the image below] you have successfully made a business Pinterest account! If you still need help getting started to check out this article by Pinterest themselves.

Is there another Pinterest tutorial you would like to see? Let me know in the comments!