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4 Reasons Why You Need A Journal For Self-Growth

Why You Need A Journey To Achieve Maximum Self-Growth

What is Journalling?

Most people think journalling is only the fancy bullet journal and notebooks, but journaling can be a lot simpler then that if you want it to be. Journalling is simply the act of taking down notes. These notes can be able anything going on int your life, just the actions of writing things down are what improves your life.

How Journalling Can Improve Your life

You're able to keep track of things

You can use your journal as a planner and jot down important things you need to remember. However, don't limit yourself to only events and appoints. If you really want to achieve self-growth with journalling try keeping track of your feeling and how certain things affect you. This way you can go back and reflect.

You Get Some Quiet time

The 15-20 min you take out of your day to write in your journal can really put your mind at ease and decrease stress. Journalling is a great way to start off your day but can also be a great way to unwind at night. Find what works for you!

It helps you clear your head

Having a bunch of thoughts in your mind and trying to remember the causes a ridiculous amount of stress. Sometimes all the ideas you have can even keep you up at night. By writing down your thoughts ideas and dreams you're able to visualize them and bring them into action. Taking your thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper makes them less scary and more achievable. 

You can't function properly with a bunch of thoughts running wild in your head so take the time to organize your thoughts.

You Can Become a Better Person

Journalling helps you keep track of your past self so you can grow a become better. 

Ready To Start Journalling here is where you can start

Order one: You can find journals from Amazon
Buy one locally: You can find them at Walmart or Indigo.
Online Journal: You can find journals online but it kind of takes away the point of spending time writing, but it's whatever works best for you. 

What should You Journal about?

Literally anything!

The main reason why people stop journalling after is that they feel pressure to write something special every day. There isn't a rule when it comes to journalling, do it for you.

Here are a few things you can try out:

  • diary entries
  • likes and dislikes what you enjoyed during the day
  • goal setting and track how you are working on that goal
  • wite self-motivation motivational quotes positive affirmations
  • doodle or draw
  • track your  hobby
  • write down things you don't want to forget
At the end of the day, your journaln is yours and no one can tell you what to write.