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How To Become A Highly Productive Person


Increase Your Productivity In 7 Simple Steps 

We're always looking for ways to improve our day-to-day lives and get more done in the limited time we have. Failing to accomplish all we have set out to do can be very discouraging and frustrating in most cases. That's why people are always looking for ways to increase productivity.

It's hard to sit down a focus on one thing and get it done. No matter how much you tell yourself to focus, one phone notification can ruin your entire mindset. However, there are a few proven things you can do to increase productivity and become a highly productive person.

1. Set Reasonable Goals

We easily fall into a routine of expecting too much from ourselves. As life goes on and the pressure from school and work increases, you feel the need to have sky-high ambitions. The downside of this is that most of the time we never fulfill these ambitions because the task set out was never reasonable enough, to begin with.

When setting reasonable goals you have to take into affect your mood, schedule and other aspects of your life in order to make them achievable. Knowing your work ethic and feelings towards a task will help you in creating reasonable goals for yourself. Analyze yourself before setting your goals, that way you'll make sure to achieve them.    

I talk more about reasonable goal setting for your business in my guide, Social Media Power. In this guide, you teach you how to properly define your target audience, create your brand, set achievable goals and grow your only business with social media. Grab your copy by clicking here!
Have you ever heard the quote "we must walk before we run"? Learn to accomplish smaller tasks before bigger ones. Instead of creating one main goal, break it down into smaller tasks. This will help to increase your productivity.

It's easier and more rewarding to accomplish multiple tasks then stress about one big task. You'll increase your productivity if you complete a bunch of goals instead of one main one.

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2. Wake Up Early

As they say, the early bird gets the worm.

If you want to get more done during the day, you have to give yourself more time. The most productive people in the world wake up around 5am, so they can get more done during the day.

 In this article by Forbes, they were able to scientifically link waking up early with increased productivity, a higher chance of success and lower procrastination.

Waking up at 5am doesn't sound too appealing, but once you get into a routine you'll start to feel how rewards it is.

Start waking up earlier in increments of thirty minutes every other day until you reach 5am. This way it'll feel more natural to your body but also train your mind to get up earlier. Waking up earlier will not only increase productivity but brighten your mood and make you feel better about yourself.

3. Prioritize

What needs to be done right now and what can be pushed until later? Ask yourself those questions whenever you start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. This overwhelming feeling is what may sometimes push you to procrastinate, so if you can stop it beforehand you will get more done and increase productivity.

 Without prioritizing you're going to feel crushed by the amount of work you have to do. You're going to be switching from project to project and have your mind on too many things.  Without having a clear focus you'll never get anything done. Learning to prioritize will play a big part in being a more productive person and getting tasks done.

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4. Make A Schedule

You don't need a fancy whiteboard or planner to make a schedule; it could just be a rough sketch on a scrap piece of paper. 

Planning out your day helps you gather your thoughts. In our mind, what we have to accomplish during the day looks like so much but once it's written down we can better see everything that needs to
get done and come up with a plan.

Being unorganized is the main cause of procrastination, so outlining a schedule and creating a plan is the first step towards productivity. Making a schedule can help you feel less stressed especially if you're more of a visual person.

5. Get Rid of Distractions

Many of us are aware of the distraction in our lives that take away from our work ethic, the main one being cell phones. Recognize what distracts you and put it away. In my case, loud noises or conversations from outside distract me, so I always work with headphones on.

 Learn how to combat your distractions. If getting a notification distracts you're from your work hid your phone from yourself to focus better. This might be a tough one but getting over your distractions will help the most in becoming a productive person.

6. Understand Your Purpose

I hate doing things that feel meaningless. That's why when starting a task I make sure I know exactly what I'm going to get out of what I'm doing and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

 Knowing what for and why you're doing something can help you be more productive in some cases. If you're like me and need to have a clear purpose set out in order to complete something, then this step is important for you.

If you start something knowing that by the end it will help you in some way or another you are more likely to do it. It's like a personal incentive. knowing why you're doing something will motivate you to do it. If you don't know why you're doing something, figure out why. Find joy in what you're doing even if its the most boring of things.

Without having a clear purpose you will easily convince yourself that what you're doing isn't important and become less productive. Questioning the task at hand can play a big part in increasing productivity.

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7. Understand Yourself

The only way to make yourself productive is to know yourself. Like I said before loud noises distract me. but that changes for everyone. Identify what motivates you, what makes you passionate about a project and apply that to everything you do.  Also, recognize what holds your back, what makes you procrastinate and learn to combat that.

Some people need someone constantly encouraging them to get things done, while others like to work in isolation. Understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses is the key when it comes to increasing productivity. Whenever you start working take notes on how to feel at certain times. This will help you better understand your work habits and personal limitation.

Without understanding your individual needs you'll never be able to push yourself or understand why you weren't moving in the first place.

Start Being Productive!

Now get going, be productive. It's easy not to be productive but being productive is so rewarding. You'll feel great when you accomplish all that you wanted and more.