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5 Ways To Network With Other Bloggers & Influencers Like A Pro


How To Connect With Other Bloggers & Influencers

Contrary to how it may seem online and on social media, blogging can be a very lonely life. Yes, you get the opportunities to go on photoshoots, events, parties and even holidays. But, the reality is the majority of your time is spent in a room alone researching and writing content.

Despite the most singular nature of business networking with fellow bloggers, the making of' blogger buddies' is crucial to running a successful blog.

Good networking can mean great partnerships, guest bloggers and guest posting opportunities. This could also lead to link building, increased SEO and even an increase in traffic. You can potentially meet your new best friend, photographer or proof-reader in collaborations you may never have thought possible.

Learn how to form these valuable blogging relationships with these five ways to network with bloggers/influencers like a pro! Socialize on the blogging scene, in person and virtually.

1. Business cards 

Business cards to some people probably seem old fashioned in this techy world we are living in. But every serious blogger must have business cards with their web address printed on them.

Be fearless when handing them out, you are proud of your blog; why would you not want 
people to see it? 

It may seem a bit strange, but reaching out to other bloggers via the email address advertised on their websites is a great way to contact them and potentially form partnerships. I have made many blogger friends from directly contacting them via the e-mail address advertised on their blog.

2. Blog Comments 

If you aren't already, you should regularly be commenting on other blogs as well as responding to the comments on your blog. This will make your readers feel engaged and help you form good relationships with other bloggers.

3. Social Media

It sounds like a no brainer, but social networks like Twitter and Facebook are fantastic for not only keeping in touch with friends and family but also for becoming acquainted with people that have the same interests or even like the same shops as you. If you don't have a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account for your website, I would suggest that you decide which social media network makes the most sense to your brand and create an account ASAP.

It is also a good ice breaker, and I can't count the number of times I have been out and about and have had someone who follows my blog or social come up and start talking to me and vice versa.

There are several bloggers that I have been following over the years whose posts I have regularly reposted and left comments on. I have gotten to know some of them personally and stay in regular contact with them outside of social media.

Do you really want to meet the person, but you don't want to seem weird or stalkerish? Create your own circumstances.

How do I reach to reach out to fellow bloggers and influencers?

Start a relationship by commenting on pictures or blog posts, follow them and eventually try messaging them directly.

Should I DM, send an email or comment?

Look at the person's blog and social channels, if they specified a preferred method of contact then go ahead and use it. If not there is really no magic way to approach someone as everybody is different.

Simply use your judgement in regards to the method but try to be transparent regarding what you want to achieve in the message.

 i.e. instead of "Hey, we should go for coffee. You could say "Hi there I have been following your blog for some time now and I really enjoy your posts. I would love to discuss a possible collaboration with you, would you be up for meeting up for a coffee?"

4. Think outside the box

Why not organize your own micro networking meet up or event? 

I was once gifted free tickets passes to the AIM Escape room for four friends and me. 
I decided that the escape room would provide the perfect opportunity to invite four bloggers and get to know four fellow bloggers as we worked together to escape the room and maybe even blog about our experiences.

I sent a tweet asking if local bloggers were interested in a free activity, once I received responses, I selected the four attendees. We ended up having a fantastic time in the escape room (we lost by the way) then we went for a drink and ended up staying for ages, getting to know each other and swapping blogging tips.

You can read more about our experience here: I Survived The Psychopath’s Den with Aim Escapes

While we are all under quarantine, a cheeky Zoom or House party meet up could be a simple tweet away or Instagram posts away.

5. Blogging events and workshops

Due to the lockdown, blogging events are currently not possible, however blogging initiatives such as House21 are hosting weekly virtual workshops and book clubs which give you the chance to see some new faces and learn tips and skills to further your blog

Once life goes back to normal if you see an event that you would like to attend; try checking out the

organizer's social media accounts and searching for any relevant hashtags. It is more than likely there will be bloggers that are going alone and would love to meet up with you or bloggers that will also be going alone.

Be proactive reach out via social media and organize a meet up for a coffee or even a meal with any interested bloggers before or after the event.


Socializing on the blogosphere can seem very daunting, but I promise it gets easier the more you put yourself out there. Remember it doesn't take much effort to send a quick email, tweet or comment but for the recipient, the positive feedback can go a long way towards keeping them motivated and could even brightening up someone's day.

Like making friends, it will come naturally and organically, however, the following ways above will help improve your chances.

A Special Thanks

This article: 5 Ways To Network With Other Bloggers was written by Lee-Anne from Wots Her Name Again. Lee-Anne is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. If you want to see more content like this got to www.wotshernameagain.com 

Do you have any friends in your industry? How did you meet them?