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2 Minute Habits That Will Change Your Life


7 Simple Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

Everybody wants to improve their lifestyle. Many people try creating good habits, but they just never seem to last. We have all been there, so we know exactly what happens: you fall back into bad habits.

I have created a list for you of the easy changes you can make to your life. They only take up a maximum time of 2 minutes per day, but can greatly change your life. Everybody is capable of making these little changes, which is what makes them so simple.

Why do people fall out of habits?

There are a couple reasons why we can never get these good habits we want so badly to stick. One of the reasons is that they are unclear. We are setting targets without really knowing how to hit them. This is a major problem as when you come to doing this new habit, you let yourself off because you do not know exactly what you should be doing. For example, if your goal is to lose weight by the end of the month, you haven’t planned how to get there so you have nothing to follow therefore you won’t be able to make a habit of exercising regularly.

Another reason is that the habit is unreasonable. This means it is too easy to fall back into old habits because it is an easier option and the most rational thing to do. When you are being rational you are using your logic so this means you will go back to a habit because it fits in logically with your daily routines.

Creating good habits that will change your life goes hand in hand with productivity. If you're a productive person, you know how to create routines and stick with them. Learn how to become a highly productive person and in turn, you will see a better outcome with your habits.

How to overcome this:

Creating mini habits that take less time is a great way to make a good habit and change your life. If it only takes you 2 minutes, it means it will be quick and easy so you can keep up with it. A good thing to do is to remind yourself why you started the habit and then keep practising it over and over. It is said it only takes 21 days to create a habit. So, doing a little thing every day for 21 days can lead to a lifetime of good habits.

These mini habits need to fit in easily with your daily routine. This is why only spending 2 minutes a day on it makes it a lot more reasonable.

So, let's get into the best 2-minute habits that will change your life:

1. Set morning goals

Having good intentions in the morning is a great way to start a positive day. Creating goals gives you clear objectives which makes you more likely to achieve these things. They can be as little as reading a book or as big as achieving 10,000 steps for the day. By writing these down on a piece of paper, in your journal or on your phone notes, you can refer to them throughout the day. This is a little 2-minute habit that will put you on the right track, change your life and give you a clear mind for the day.

If you want to learn how goal setting can help you achieve maximum productivity, sign-up for my FREE 7-day productivity email course below!

2. Drink warm lemon water

Have a nice glass of warm lemon water in the morning. I know it may not sound like the ideal first drink of the day, but it is so worth it with all the benefits it brings. It helps with your digestion which will also support weight loss therefore it can help you with any long-term goals as well. Lemon water has so many benefits, that just having a glass a day can provide you with vitamin C which can improve your skin quality. In addition to all of this, it will leave you with fresh breath, so it is a win-win situation to change your life with this 2-minute habit.

3. Take 2-minute walks

Your body needs to move throughout the day, everybody knows that sitting at a desk all day is not healthy nor ideal. We all understand how easy it is just to go to work and be sat at the same desk day in day out. All you need to do is take an hourly 2-minute walk. This will boost your energy, keep you focused, and you will also be burning more calories by walking. I understand for some people this is just not possible but for those of you where it is possible, try it out! You're bound to feel the positive effects of walking and how it will change your life for the better.

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4. Hug your family and friends

Whenever you get the chance, spend time with your family and friends. You do not realize what you have till it is gone so you must make the most of it. Give them a hug. It is a little 2-minute activity which can brighten up your day, and theirs.

5. Practice posture

Spend 2 minutes a day realigning your back. Posture can increase flexibility and reduce tension. Having good posture shows self-care and helps you look after yourself. All you must do is pull your shoulders back gently, keeping your head level and push your weight onto the front of your feet.

6. Appreciate yourself

It is so important for you to recognize everything you have achieved. Loving and appreciating yourself creates this belief that you can accomplish things. Just take a couple minutes to think about everything you have succeeded in. It helps if you write these little things down and then you can really see how well you have done. Even if it is simple things like making your bed every morning. Every day is a brand new day where you can start fresh if you have previously had a bad day.

7. Night-time note-taking

Put a notebook and a pen by your bed so if you have any late-night thoughts you can write them down and sleep easier. I find this helps me massively when I sleep because it means I have a clear mind before I go to sleep. It is also a good idea to just write down anything significant you want to note that happened during the day. It’s a great thing to do for forgetful people like me!

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Habits That Will Change Your Life 

So that concludes a few simple habits you can do that can so easily fit into your routine. These 2-minute habits will change your life for the better. Just try doing one thing at a time and you will eventually, be able to integrate them into your life.

About The Author

This post was written by Amber Page. She runs a lifestyle blog called The Unpredicted Page where she talks about everything from life advice and healthy living to blogging tips and university advice.

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