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The Calming Effects of Drawing

by - October 04, 2019

Before you guys start reading the article, I just wanted to say a special thanks to the author. Todays, blog post was written by Micheal from Happier Times Studio. You guys can read some of Micheals's other articles or enjoy his artwork by going to Micheal worked really hard on this article, so I hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Introducing, The Calming Effects of Drawing

   I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with anxiety. I’ve had it my entire life. Anxiety makes it difficult for me to focus on tasks, fearing that I will mess up somewhere along the line. This was a huge problem for me back in middle and high school where I would sometimes fail to complete any homework or get any studying done. But that’s not all. I get easily stressed out as well with life.

   To get around this, I sought drawing which was, and still is, an incredible mood booster for myself! Let me explain…

   Did you know that there are several benefits for adults getting in touch with their artistic side? Whether it’s sculpting, colouring or doodling, art can help ease nerves and put individuals at ease (even when they don’t consider themselves to be an artist). We know this as art therapy renowned for distracting patients with stressed/wondering minds, putting them into near-meditative states and finally, giving patients a new hobby.

   It doesn’t matter if people don’t consider themselves great artists. That’s the beauty of drawing. Anyone can pick up a sketchbook and pencil and doodle whatever comes to mind for about ten minutes out of a day. Heck, there are plenty of adult colouring books as well with the main purpose to ease tension.

   Art is something that will always be there for us whenever things awry. It’s what our ancestors did and what our generations must preserve. Creating art is a basic human right and a heck of a mood reliever, so next time life has you down, try picking up a sketchbook and doodling basic shapes. Those shapes will soon form into basic doodles which can be transformed into anything you imagine.

   If you liked this article, please visit my blog at I do a lot of drawing if you’d like to see how I handle stress.

As reiteration to what Micheal said in the article, please go to this site if you like this type of content. Thank you again, Micheal, for collaborating with me and writing this wonderful article. 

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