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Instagram-Worthy Fall Decor: The Ultimate Guide

by - October 02, 2019

Before you start reading about Instagram-Worthy Fall Decor, I just have to give a special thanks to the talented mastermind and author of this article. Today, we have the honour of reading an article by Burgundy Bug over at The Burgundy Zine. You guys have to go read their blog. She is literally the nicest and most talented blogger buddy I have. So please, if you have the chance, go to The Burgundy Zine.

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   Warm, golden-hued leaves paint themselves across the horizon as pumpkin-flavoured everything fills our bellies. Ah, yes, autumn is upon us. With a slew of holidays right around the corner, ‘tis the season to embrace our inner interior designer.

Fall Themed Decor: The Basics

   Autumn is brimming with inspiration as far as the eye can see. The season is defined by its distinct colour palette and harvest-themed symbols.

Falling Head Over Heels For Autumn Colours

   Warm hues consume the season; red-toned browns, auburns, burgundies, burnt orange, and mustard yellow, which are contrasted with muted shades of yellow-green.

   Colour palettes are a decorator’s best friend. Sarah Renae Clark has compiled 25 autumn-themed palettes with images to match. For those of you who like to get technical, Duo Paradigms provides 10 autumn pallets with the hex codes for each colour listed at the bottom.

   As a rule of thumb, you want to gravitate towards colours that are muted and as warm as the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte you’ve been waiting all year to order.

Fall Symbols

   To really bring autumn into your humble abode, strive to incorporate fall-themed imagery. Much of the symbols and imagery throughout fall are quite country or farm-related due to the historical importance of autumn to farmers. The Fall Equinox (or “Harvest Moon”) marked the celebration of a successful harvest in China and in Britain, according to the HISTORY channel website. British traditions were then carried over to the American colonies and laid the foundation for Thanksgiving.

   Your home wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins scattered about throughout the season. Faux scarecrows and autumn leaves should also be abundant to really drive the theme home. Coupling warm hues and autumn imagery with country decor, like decorative buckets and glass jars, can really tie everything together, too.

Instagram-Worthy Fall Decor

Embracing The Harvest 

   Revel in the harvest festivities by sprucing up your place with pumpkins, corn, apples, pinecones, and hay.

Feeling Floral

     Flower arrangements are an elegant way to bring autumn colours and harvest imagery into your home. Sunflowers are certainly a must. Chrysanthemums, pomegranate, gerbera daisies, roses, mums, dahlias, and rosehip are also quite complementary in a fall-themed flower arrangement.

    Christmas is probably what comes to mind when you think of wreaths, but there are plenty of downright stunning autumn wreaths, as well!

Get Artsy

Autumn paintings allow you to easily and instantly welcome the season into your home. HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx often carry paintings and signs in a variety of styles and sizes at unbelievably affordable prices!

Spice Up Your Sense

   Candles bring the alluring aromas associated with autumn into your home; apples, pumpkins, crisp leaves, cinnamon and other spices. Plus, they make for some pretty ‘Gram-worthy photos. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales at Yankee Candle!

    Although string lights aren’t bound to any season, in particular, they bring about a very romantic vibe that really warms up the place. IKEA and Amazon both carry a variety of string lights - you could even opt for an autumn-themed set!

Really Rustic

    Rustic furniture or decorative accents, like distressed light fixtures or decorative steel buckets, pull together the harvest imagery with their inherently country vibe (Think: “Fixer Upper” or Anthropologie).

Get Ready For Halloween

    Break out your orange and purple coloured lights, jack-o-lanterns, your faux spiders, skulls, witches, and black cats. This is (almost) Halloween! You could start off with subtle hints of Halloween throughout your home to complement other fall decorations that’ll linger throughout the season, then slowly begin incorporating more Halloween decor as the holiday approaches.

Again, I just want to thank Burgundy Bug for this informative article that I'm sure all of us can put to use. If you want to see more content like this, head over to The Burgundy Zine

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