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Why Every Online Business Owner Needs A Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

by - October 16, 2019

Anyone that frequently uses a laptop, smartphone or tablet needs a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Before I start sharing my experience using Blue Light Glasses, I want to educate all of you on the purpose of these glasses. It's important that you understand why you need something prior to buying it. If you already know a lot about blue light and the potential harms, then you can skip ahead to the heading labelled "My Experience".

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What is Blue Light?

In scientific terms, blue light is one of the shorter wavelengths with high energy on the visible light spectrum. Basically, blue light is a colour a part of the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye.

By reading this article, you are being exposed to blue light. Blue light is essentially everywhere, but can be found in two different forms: artificial and natural. As you may have guessed, natural blue light is what we get from the sun, this is what makes the sky blue. Artificial blue light, on the other hand, comes from man-made products such as TVs, computers and most electronic devices. Our focus today is artificial blue light as this is where we are exposed to more harm than good.

The Harms

After reading this you will probably regret not listening to your parents when they told you to get off your phone or stop watching TV because you're harming your eyes.

As mentioned above, blue light is one of the shortest yet highest wavelengths in the light spectrum. This causes it to 'flicker' easier and more often than other wavelengths. This 'flickering' creates a glare that reduces visual contrast affecting transparency and sharpness. This can cause eye strain, physical/mental fatigue and headaches.

Blue light is bad because our eyes have not evolved to provide filters against this type of artificial light. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause macular cellular damage, which may lead in worse cases to loss of vision.

A list of the potential harms are as followed:

My Experience

I've been hearing a lot of talk about blue light since the summer. It was and still is something I want to learn more about and be more aware of. When I learned about how damaging blue light could be to my eyes, I instantly knew I had to buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Being a blogger means that I'm exposed to more artificial blue light on a daily basis then I should be. I was able to recognize my unhealthy screen time and found a solution that will greatly benefit me in the future. My end goal of using Blue Light Blocking Glasses is to retain better eyesight as I grow older.

The Glasses

Image result for blue light glasses tijn
my glasses are the clear version to the ones above
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For my purchase, I decided to go with the TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses sold by Amazon. They were only twenty Canadian dollars and I got my money's worth. You can read more about the specific brand TIJN and see if their glasses are right for you.

The glasses themselves are quite trendy. They have what I would call a wayfarer frame style and are clear. These glasses are perfect for me because I like how discrete and simple the clear frame design is.

The TIJN glasses are also super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It did leave an imprint on my nose the first day I wore them, but that was because I was pushing the frame too hard against my skin.

If you read the Amazon reviews you may see that people mentioned it smudges easily. I have found this to be true, I do have to clean the lenses often. However, the company does provide a cloth that can effectively get rid of the smudges.

Overall I believe this is one of the situations where you get your money's worth. These glasses were on the cheaper side, but they still do what they're supposed to do.

How Did Blue Light Blocking Glasses Benefit Me As A Blogger?

Fewer Headaches

I used to get bad headaches when I would stay up late working on my blog on my computer. I haven't gotten a single headache since I started wearing the Blue Light Glasses.

No More Tears

Whenever I would be watching something on my laptop or phone (most of the time it was Netflix) my eyes used to burn and water. Now, as long as I put on my glasses before starting the show I'm able to avoid the tears.

Why Do You Need A Pair?

As I mentioned above, its 2019 and we are literally surrounded by screens. The percentage of people that wear glasses has dramatically increased in the last couple of years and this is directly linked to technological advancements.

I believe everyone should be protecting their eyes against blue light because of how harmful it is. Especially bloggers and online business owners that spend the majority of their time behind a screen. There have been so many studies showing the negative impact blue light has on our eyes. If there is a solution or a way to prevent having to deal with the consequences of being exposed to a high amount of blue light, everyone should take the necessary precautions.

Overall, I give the TIJN Blue Light Glasses a four and a half star rating. It worked for me and I truly believe I got my money's worth. The only thing that was really discouraging was the smudging issues. But other than that I'm simply another satisfied customer.

I highly suggest all of you invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. You can buy the same ones I have by clicking here or you can do some research on your own.
In the end, I don't want anyone to regret what may happen in the future because of blue light if it can be prevented now.

What is your opinion on blue light glasses? Do you think they're necessary? 

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