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5 Spooky Activities You Need To Do This Halloween

by - October 23, 2019

Not trick-or-treating? Here is what you can do instead.

It's almost Halloween. It's almost that spooky time of year where children around the world can become whoever they want and eat as much candy as their heart desires. But, if you're apart of the older population, you probably won't be going door-to-door this Halloween, unless you're chaperoning. This blog post was made especially for my non-trick-or-treaters. If you aren't trick-or-treating or just want to celebrate Halloween a different way this year, read on and see how to keep the spooky spirits alive on October 31st.

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Pumpkin Carving

Nothing say's Halloween more than a big ole pumpkin.

When you think of Halloween the first thing that comes to mind is probably a pumpkin. It's been a longtime tradition for people to carve pumpkins and set them outside their houses as Jack'o Lantern decorations. We have people making the traditional triangle eyes and jagged smile pumpkin, but over the years a lot of creativity has been added to carvings.  

Halloween night would be the perfect time to let your creative side shine and carve a pumpkin. Just take a trip to your local pumpkin patch and start creating. It's bound to take you the entire night.

Bake Halloween Treats

Even the food is Halloween themed!

Everywhere I go someone is making Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookies. I have yet to try them, but if everyone on social media is eating them, how bad can they really be? If you aren't that good at baking but would love a spooky treat, then the Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookies are for you.

However,  if you are part of the population that likes baking from scratch then I suggest this recipe from allrecipies. In the video, they teach you how to make sugar cookies and from there you can decorate them to be more Halloween themed.

Whatever option you chose, make sure to call up some friends to help to eat all those cookies, they might even help you bake them as well.

Haunted House

What's better than a scare on the spookiest night of the year?

This is my favourite activity on the list. I love Haunted Houses. I recently when Nightmares Fear Factory at Niagara Falls (the Canadian side) and it was amazing. We still have the picture that the company takes while you're in the haunted house and it makes me laugh every time.

A good scare gets the adrenaline pumping and that might just be what you need this upcoming Halloween.

Binge-Watch Spooky Movies

Turn off the lights, curl up under a blanket and let the fun begin.

If you want to get scared in a way that is less real than a Haunted house, then this option is for you.

As a kid, I used to watch the Halloween movies they used to play on Family Channel which is basically a Canadian Disney Channel. Some of my favourites were Halloweentown and Monster House which are both family-friendly options.

But if you are looking for something scarier try horror films like this Halloween Michael Myers Movie.

The movie choice doesn't matter as long as your having fun and enjoying your night.

Give Out Candy

It typical, but typically doesn't always mean boring.

When all else fails, do what everyone else is doing. Rip open a pack of candy and start giving it away. You'll get to admire all the spooky costumes and might even make a new friend.

Spend your Halloween night giving back to the community you live in by participating in trick-or-treating.


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Overall, do what feels right this Halloween. Do you want a scare or do you want some downtime? It's all up to you. This year I'm going to be watching old Halloween movies and reminiscing on when I was younger. But you can do what you believe is best for you.

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