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How To Save More Money Online Shopping

by - September 11, 2019

The Only Online Shopping Guide You'll Ever Need

I like to believe that I'm the queen of online shopping. Everything I do is online. I find that I save more money when shopping online and I have the opportunity to browse through more items then I would find in-store. My years of online shopping is the reason why I am here today to share some of my tips and tricks with you. Online shopping can be fairly easy, but a little guidance can save you time and money.

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Almost every person goes online shopping or even shopping in general to find the best deals and prices. That is where the sort by features comes into play. Whenever your browsing through the clothing selections on an online store, the sort by feature is usually present. You can usually find this feature at the top navigation bar as a drop-down menu. It then gives you different options as to how you want to organize how the products are presented such as the newest first, most reviews, relevance etc. What you want to look for is 'low to high'. This is the golden key when it comes to online shopping. By organzine your clothes from the cheapest to the most expensive, you can save money. I always use the low to high feature when shopping because it helps me get more pieces of clothes for a decent price.


You know those annoying pop-up ads that appear whenever you go on a clothing site? [Or the one on my site telling you to subscribe] I'm here to tell you that those 'annoying ads' telling you to enter your email and sign up for a newsletter subscription might be the key to saving money. When you sign up to receive emails from any clothing store there are most likely discounts included. You'll be sent discount codes, be notified when they're having sales and always be up to date with what's happening.

Some sites, like American Eagle, have rewards systems where you can get a free pair of jeans after 5 purchases. Another bonus to signing up for email offers is birthday discounts. I've personally experienced the joy you feel when you check your email on your birthday to see it filled with free offers and discounts for companies. So make sure when you fill out the subscription form that you put the correct email and birth date. Just the other day I signed up for email offers with Tommy Hilfiger and got 20% off my first purchase. If that's not a good deal, then I don't know what is.


This is something that is fairly new to me and I've only experienced once with Forever 21. A while ago, I filled a cart with a bunch of shirts from the sale section but didn't check out because I wasn't sure if I actually wanted what I was buying. When a few days had pasted I constantly kept getting emails from Forever 21. They were offering me 10% off and 20% because I was holding items in my cart and not going through with the purchase. It was like they were trying to bribe me into securing the bag by giving me discounts. All in all, I don't know if any other companies do this because Forever 21 was the first store where I experienced this online. Maybe some of you try holding the cart with other clothing brands for a few days and comment below what you find. Do you get any discounts or was what happened to me just luck?


I believe this is a given, but the clearance and sale section are your best friends. Everything is at a discounted price, therefore you're bound to find a good deal. By using this method you might be able to get at least 4 quality shirts for $20 (five dollars per shirt). I usually shop from the sale section whenever I don’t have a discount code to use on regular-priced products. Overall, just like in stores the clearance and sale section was made for people that want to save money.


Before I secure any checkout I always make sure that I’m paying the lowest price possible. To do that I use Honey. Honey is a web browser extension that searches for the best promo codes for your purchase. If you can’t use Honey (which you should) I highly suggest just searching the web for promo codes from sites like retailmenot, Wethrift and groupon. All in all, when online shopping, discount and promo codes become your best friends.

Add Honey to your web browser by clicking here and start saving money today.


The number of bad sales I’ve been tricked into is upsetting. I think the worst of them are the buy one get one (BOGO) sales. You're tricked into believing your getting more for your money, but are you really? Almost 100% of the time these sales charge you for the more expensive product and give you the cheaper one ‘free’. But once you add tax, shipping and handling you end up paying the same price you would pay in-store. Next time you see a ‘good’ sale make sure you're actually benefiting from it before buying.


You don’t know how many times I’ve ordered something because it cost $2, only for me to realize later why it was so inexpensive. It ended up being 10x smaller than I expected. However, if I checked the dimensions listed in the description of the product I would have been able to see how small it is. So please always remember to check the measurements and materials of any online purchase because if you don’t you might just end up wasting your money.

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In conclusion, online shopping can save you a lot of money if you know how to use the system correctly. There are various companies out their that want to trick you out of your money, but you have to be smart and find the lowest prices possible. Always get your money's worth.

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