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8 Ways To Improve Your Look This Upcoming School Year

by - September 04, 2019

Show Off Your New Style This New School Year

With a new school year around the corner, students across the world are preparing to face their friends, classmates and teachers again. Many students use the new school year as an opportunity to change up their style or physical appearance. We all want to come back to school looking better than ever and show everyone our best selves. That is why today I'm going to be sharing 8 different ways you can change up your look this school year.

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I think this is the most typical route people take when they want to change how they look. By dying your hair an entirely different colour you're sure to attract eyes everywhere you go. Whether your a brunette going to blonde or someone with black hair going to silver, dying your hair is by far the most dramatic way to change your look.


If you're too scared to dye your hair or just don't think a new colour will suit you, try getting a new hairstyle. The type of hairstyles that change your appearance the most is a big chop or making your hair longer with the use of extensions. All in all, your friends and classmates are bound to notice a new hairdo.


I like to think of eyebrows as the most important part of the face. Every time I see someone on the streets or on Instagram, the first thing I look at is their brows. This is why I believe that doing something different with your eyebrows will definitely change your look. You can try filling them in with a pencil or brow gel if you don't already. My favourite eyebrow pencil right now is the NYX Professional Makeup Precision Brow Pencil. This pencil makes it easy for me to achieve a natural-looking perfectly shaped brow. You can click here to get the same eyebrow pencil as me. Another option is waxing or trending your natural brown to give them a more defined shape. Changing anything pertaining to your eyebrows will greatly impact your physical appearance.


One way to tremendously change your appearance this school year is by wearing makeup. It could be a full glam look every day or some casual mascara and lip gloss. Whatever you choose make sure it's suited towards what you like and not what you see others doing. I suggest watching Youtube videos or reading articles to learn the various techniques and find out what's right for you. I do recognize that makeup isn't for anyone, but if your interested makeup is an easy way to shake up your look.


While we're on the topic of makeup, I just wanted to suggest getting eyelash extensions. I know many people that have lash extensions and each of them looks different t depending on if their lases are done or not. Sadly, I can't recommend any tips as to how to choose a good lash technician, but I do want all of you to do research before getting lash extensions. Overall, I think lash extensions are a simple, but slightly pricer way to change your look for the upcoming school year.


I recently got another ear piercing and it was for the sole reason of changing up my look. Depending on where you get your piecing it could really change how you look (ex. lip or nose piercing) or just becoming an addition to your usual self. However, I do think a piercing can change how you look to some extent. Make sure to do your research and ask you're parents (if you're underaged) before getting a piercing.


Again, this is another extreme and pricer option. Tattoos are;t for everybody but if that is something you into then getting a tattoo is a good way to change up your look. this method is especially effective if the tattoo is somewhere people can see in passing. Nevertheless, just like the piercing be sure you research profession tattoo artists in your area and get permission from your parents (if you're underaged) beforehand.

"You can also use this new BodyMark Tatto Marker Pen by BIC to create your own temporary tattoos. I find this to be a good alternative because for people that aren't able to get a real tattoo."


This is the most common and standard way to change your appearance. By changing your clothes you give off different vibes to the world because your clothes say a lot about who you are as a person. So maybe by adding a new colour to your wardrobe to changing the fit of your jeans, you can change your style. I use Pinterest as a search for outfit inspiration. If you go to my Pinterest account @deneliastorm you could find some of the school outfits I've pinned.

"My favourite clothing store right now is Shein. It's super affordable for high school students and has a lot of trendy clothing items. Click here to check it out."

In conclusion, there are many different ways to change your style and these are only a few. Some are more extreme and costly while others are easier to take on. I think the most suitable option when it comes to school would be adopting a new style. Shake up your wardrobe a go crazy. Visit a clothing store you haven't gone to before and look for something you like. You could even try going thrifting with a friend. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with the intention to please yourself and no one else. You don't have to change for anyone but yourself.

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I hope this article helped you in any way possible. If you have any suggestions for my next post or want to share your thoughts, comment below. Blogging is still fairly new to me and I want to hear what you guys think about my work.

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